A Tenant Reporting Service You Can Count On

TVS Tenant Verification Service is #1 Tenant Report Service in North America.
Our tenant reporting service offers tenant screening in Canada and the United States.


TVS networks thousands of Landlords in the Residential Rental Industry throughout North America to identify delinquent tenants that use Landlords as a revolving line of credit. Our tenant reporting service puts an end to the scam and lost income which landlords are currently faced with.

Every Landlord‘s Legal Guide is strongly recommended for every landlord. It has many components to it which are informative and and necessary to run a successful rental business. In addition to this, please visit the Resources section on this website and review the Canadian Human Rights Commission and your Provincial landlord and tenant laws.

Don‘t risk renting to fraudsters who have run scams on landlords in the past. Run a tenant report on every prospective tenant. Part of your criteria as a Landlord should be that all prospective tenants must have a good credit history and a good tenant history. Sign up today for our tenant screening in Canada and the United States, and don't play the fraud rental game with tenants who have intent to leave you stuck with unpaid rental fees and/or damaged rental property that results in a debt.


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