No Membership Fees or Annual Fees!

There is only a 49.95 CDN one-time-only setup fee, non refundable. This covers our costs to authenticate you as a Landlord, Property Manager or Realtor.

It is our objective to provide you with a tenant screening service that will minimize your risk of fraud and reduce income loss asociated with delinquent tenants. TVS will work hard to provide you with an efficient and effective tenant screening service that will complement your landord business.

Transunion Model Report
24.95 CDN
  • Current and previous addresses
  • Alerts
  • Score
  • Legal issues and bankruptcies.
  • Detailed file summary
Equifax Credit Report
21.58 CDN
  • Current and previous addresses.
  • Trades.
  • Alerts.
  • Score.
  • Credits granted and honored.
  • Legal issues and bankruptcies.
Credit Decision Report
29.95 CDN
  • Current and previous addresses.
  • Alerts.
  • Score.
  • Legal issues and bankruptcies.
Criminal Record Search
30.00 CDN
Criminal Record Search PREMIUM
40.00 CDN
Applicant Verification
16.15 CDN
  • Verify names and alias.
  • Current and previous addresses.
  • SIN and DOB.
Commercial Credit Report
49.95 CDN
  • Company Credit Report
  • Fee refunded where there is no report

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