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  • Tenant Screening

    Tenant screening is a vital component to minimizing risk of rental income loss for landlords and property managers. Without tenant screening, high risk tenants are not identified and will continue to use landlords as a revolving line of credit.

    Tenant screening includes a tenant credit check, and a tenant background check for criminal records. This kind of due diligence sends a message to the high-risk tenant, one of professionalism, and a criterion that demands good tenancy. Where there is a tenant screening procedure in place, chances are high risk tenants won't even apply.

  • Tenant Credit Checks

    Tenant credit checks are one of the most important aspects of your tenant screening process. It can determine the truthfulness of the applicant as well as credit worthiness. When you compare the personal information of your applicant from the tenant credit check to the personal information provided on the rental application, it should match. Often high-risk tenants will give a wrong DOB or SIN or misspell their last name. All to prevent a landlord from obtaining the correct information to determine credit worthiness.

    The tenant credit check is a key to minimizing risk of rental income loss. Without a tenant credit check it is difficult to determine the pay habits of your prospective applicant. Every landlord benefits when tenant credit checks are part of the criterion that makes up a renter background check.

  • Criminal Record Checks

    A criminal record check should be conducted by professional landlords and property managers across Canada. It minimizes the risk of renting to criminals who may have a negative impact on the rental community, neighbours and landlords themselves. A criminal record check is easy to obtain via TVS and is a key element of a tenant background check.

    Landlords and property managers have a responsibility to the tenant community to keep it safe.

  • Address Verification Search

    An address verification search is a great tool when trying to locate a tenant that has skipped out and left you owing unpaid rent and/or money due to rental property damage.

    An address verification search can provide you with any new address information regarding your tenant so that you may locate them when trying to collect monies owing.

    No authorization from the tenant is required for this search as no consumer credit information is provided, only address information.

  • Commercial Credit Check

    A commercial credit check is a valuable tool when attempting to determine the credit worthiness of a company. Many companies, particularly small ones and companies that have been in business for a year or less will not have a commercial credit file with any of the bureaus. In this case you will have to ask for references and make some phone calls to determine pay habits. You can also obtain a consumer credit check on the business owner(s) if they provide you with the proper information and consent.

    TVS provides commercial credit checks, and only charges a fee if there is a file, there is no charge to search. No file no charge. So, if you are wanting a commercial credit check, go ahead and search.

  • Landlord and Tenant Information

    Knowledge and education for landlords and tenants is vital to a good renting experience. When landlords and tenants know their rights & responsibilities, the tenancy is a good one.

    Landlord and Tenant information is available at www.tenantsinfo.com and www.landlordfraud.com.

    For specific information on landlord tenancy laws in your province, Google tenancy laws for your province. It is every landlord and property manager's responsibility to know and be familiar with what they are.

    www.tenantsinfo.com covers the basics for right and responsibilities, but you should also review provincial landlord and tenant information.

  • Tenant Fraud Prevention

    Landlord fraud prevention tips can be obtained at http://www.criminalfraud.com/landlord-fraud.php

    Tenant fraud prevention and landlord fraud prevention when undertaken, can save many gut-wrenching incidents and hardships for people who can't afford to be ripped off by unscrupulous individuals who hide behind anonymity. Knowledge regarding the foregoing is a wonderful thing where it can prevent income loss.

    It is the responsibility of tenants and landlords to gain this knowledge, so that tenant fraud prevention and landlord fraud prevention becomes a part of what you do. One will become wiser with respect to other aspects of fraud prevention and chances are that it will minimize risk of income loss moving forward.

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