Landlord & Tenant Information

The relationship between a landlord and tenant should be a healthy one so that both can enjoy the benefits. In many instances this is not the case. To help make the relationship easier it is a good idea for both tenants and landlords to know their rights and responsibilities. If both sides are educated and understand the process of being a landlord and being a tenant, then hopefully the result will be a happy relationship that will last. To help educate yourself whether you are the landlord or the tenant, please visit

At you will find information regarding tenant's rights and responsibilities as well as landlord's rights and responsibilities. There is also information regarding moving in/out and lots of tips and advice.

Not only is it a landlord's responsibility to himself to conduct a tenant check on a prospective tenant, but it is also professional and business like to educate that tenant.

As part of your tenant screening process please visit and advise your tenants to do so as well.

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