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NO Site Inspection    (Recommended for small business)

Download sample report

TVS gives you an Equifax Credit Decision Report and makes a recommendation based on it.

This report will:

  • verify Name, SIN (if provided), and DOB
  • verify current and previous addresses where available.
  • include a Beacon Score which rates the Consumer's credit history along with R8 or R9 (collection) accounts.
  • list Public Records that include liens, collections, judgments and bankruptcies if there are any.
  • include fraud scan of the Applicant's personal information to determine if same has been used in a reported fraud.

This is an easy to read credit report which gives you what you need to know. If it is a good credit file, the high beacon score will reflect that. Generally a score above 600 is recommended for the Residential Rental Industry.

If it is a bad credit file the low Beacon Score will reflect that and it will show the number of collection accounts that are R8 and R9. The score in this instance will be below 600 and in most instances considerably below 600.

90% of our New Members choose this Option. You can order a site inspection as in Option 2 at a later date if you wish to do so.

WITH Site Inspection (What is a Site Inspection? Download PDF)

Download Equifax sample report 

A Full Credit Report from Equifax includes everything that the Credit Decision Report does including trade lines or credit grantor accounts.

Site Inspection takes 3-5 business days and is an annual Site Inspection that costs $54.00 if your Office is in your residence. If Office is a business then it is a one time Site Inspection.

A Realtor from your area who has been certified by TrendSource Business Verification Inc., a company that does the site inspections for most tenant screening services will do the site inspection.

Criteria that all Offices whether Home Office or not must meet to pass the Site Inspection. Please ensure that your Office meets this criteria.

Why do I need a Site Inspection?
Credit Bureaus in Canada and the USA have been mandated to prevent identity theft. Resellers of Consumer information like TVS were targets of identity thieves. Site Inspections ensure that the End User (you) have a permissible purpose to obtain Consumer Reports.

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